Long history

This team was created on the 4th January 2019

We think about the future

We are looking to the future in every possible way


No more data leaks

Working with the best softwares

Everyone can use any software for their work, this means, that we can do more things. 90 % of our team are using software from Adobe

Big family

We are one big family


We have almost 24/7 support. Sleep and school is the only way we could be offline, but there are also people with different time zones

Based in Czech Republic

Everything (including servers) is in the Czech Republic. This means that everyone should have low ping in-game or on our websites.

About us

Team WIFI CLAN is professional e-sport and editing team. 
We focus on positivity in our community. From our beginning, we know what we want! We want to be unique!
Come on our journey with us.

IpWare Hosting

Atropol Hosting


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