Minecraft server

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Why you should play here?


Do you like PvP games? You will love our server, but if you like Arcade minigames, you will fall in love with our server too

Registered players

In our database we have more than 100 registered players from different IPs


Best and secure auth system (autologin even for cracked players), Almost unbypassable anticheat and OVHs antiddos



Bedwars is a strategy game that involves defending your bed, (the source that allows you to respawn) and if you lose it, you will no longer be able to respawn.


Rush, kill, die... That's SkyWars. Or you can win, of course, but it's hard because there are many good players against you!


Your bow is more powerful than you think it is. It one tap players, but be aware you can double jump extremely high, so this change every fight if you know about this feature!


One in the chamber is a pvp game where you will get bow, sword and arrow. One shot your enemy and enjoy your victory!

TnT Run

Run or you will die in the void!

Bomb Lobbers

Throw TNT at your opponent and blow up their island or them!


Only active punishments! (This means that if a player isn't banned right now, you won't see them, but if they are banned right now you can see them here)
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