About Us

Team WIFI CLAN is professional e-sport and editing family. 
We focus on positivity in our community. From our beginning, we know what we want! We want to be unique!
Come on our journey with us.

Manager Team

Vojtěch "Aragondir" Nový

Co-Owner, Developer

I don't know

Lukáš "LAJK77" Mátl

Owner, Founder, Developer

I wanted to create something BIG

David "GamingCzech" Vašina

Co-Owner, Support (Helper)

Work smart not hard


Frequently asked questions

Can I join your Team?

Yes, of course you can! Join our discord server and create ticket. There you can ask us about anything you want!

Can we become partners?

Yes, we can. Go to our Partners page and contact us.

How old is this team?

This team was created on the 4th of January 2019.